Corporate Trips

If you are looking to take the team interstate, our corporate jets will do just the job. Offering ample room for business to be conducted on the fly, they also offer great speed and comfort. Our light jets are a great solution for smaller groups or for when a more modest solution is required.

Luxury transfers

If you are wanting to travel far and in luxury, our mid level private jets are some of the best in Australia. These machines couple speed and luxury to offer a premium solution to smaller groups.

Club seating and fold out tables will see you get to your destination quickly and comfortably. Flying privately at this level lets you jump the queue, avoid delays and large crowds while offering a high standard of luxury.

compromise is not an option

For those travelling accross the country, are moving in larger groups or simply will not compromise, we have the latest and greatest premium private jets available in Australia. Fly the true first class and you will never want to fly any other way again. 

If flying this level or class, we reccomend allowing us to organise premium helicopter transfers to and from the airports.