Luxury Jets

Private jets exude confidence, luxury and an incredible experience. Platinum Tours offers exactly that in our range of private luxury jets
whether you are looking to make a short hop for a business meeting, travelling interstate or wanting to have the best that money can buy, we have the aircraft for you.

An expereince like no other

Flying by private jet is a truly unique experience in itself. One that Platinum Tours makes a remarkable one by offering only the best jets and the best expertise. 

If you are looking to travel without compromise, we have the best private jets that will impress even the experienced traveller. Should you be after something less lavish, though when time comfort and reliability are non-negotiable, we have a fleet of suitable business jets at your disposal.

Professional solutions


Looking to travel Australia fast and in style, We can find the perfect jet to best suit you and your needs.


Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, when on-time performance matters, we have the solution.


If you are looking for the safest and most comfortable option to travel, our private jets offer the best solution.


Our business partnerships allow us to offer the highest quality private jet solutions throughout Australia.