Premium helicopter solutions, make the trip unforgettable with our efficient and luxury helicopter options from smaller 3 seaters to larger 5 seat turbines.
our helicopter solutions don't stop at transfers, our proffessionals are also capable of heavy, complex lifting, as well as strategic fire bombing.

A solution for it all

The Platinum Air Tours team has a highly qualified team with back grounds from the military, tourism and customer service giving us the unique ability to offer a highly diverse solution in all aspects of the services we offer. 

Our helicopter options range from two seat aerial work machines all the way up to eighteen seat commercial workhorses. With th experience of our pilots and crew, we are able to offer solutions from high risk urgent life saving fire bombing to complex heavy lifting in and around high rise buildings.

If you have a need, we have a sloution.

Professional solutions


Our range of premium helicopters makes your trip seamless, comfortable and reliable.

Fire management

Our team provides Australians with disaster assistance from fire spotting, fire bombing and fire management services.

Complex lifts

Our team are among the most experienced when it comes to heavy lifts and long lining.


With our far reching partnerships we offer highly skilled helicopter solutions anywhere in Australia.